[Solved] Error “Unhandled Access Violation Reading” (AutoCad)

While you’re editing a file, all of a sudden AutoCad closes and displays the message: Reading 0x0000 Exception at f50cd74eh on startup of Plant 3d 2013.

The highlighted part (in bold) might be different on your machine, but the problema (and the solution) is the same.

To solve this problem is simple, just follow the steps bellow:

  • Close Autocad (if it’s open);
  • Open Windows Explorer;
  • Browse to: c:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Autodesk\AutoCAD Plant 3d 2013 – English\R19.0\enu\GraphicsCache;
  • Make a backup of the files in that folder. (Never needed it, but just in case);
  • Delete the files of that folder;


You can now re-open AutoCad and check if the problem was solved.

Are the folder names in you computer different?

If there’s no folder “AutoCAD Plant 3D 2013”, don’t worry. You probably have some other folder with a similar name, like “AutoCad 2013/2014/2015/2016” or something like that. You want the folder with the name corresponding to the Autocad version that’s presenting the problem.


Same goes to the folder “R19.0”. That folder refers to the version you have installed. So, if you have a different version (or edition) this might be different, but that’s not a problem.


To my understanding, this folder number is a reference to the .DWG file encoding.

I’ve tried this procedure and it worked on AutoCADs version 2013 and 2016.


Hope that helped.

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