Pyinstaller error: failed to create process

When you try to compile your scripts into an executable file, pyinstaller gives the following error message: failed to create process.

Typically, this happens when it is installed in a directory that has space. Example: C:\Program Files\…

To solve this issue, go to the directory where the pyinstaller is installed (C:\Program Files (x 86) \Python35-32\Scripts\) and edit the file.

The first lines will be similar to these:

Add quotes to the first line, like this:

Save the file and try again.


*Update: September 5th, 2018*

I have installer Python on a brand new Windows 10 machine and I got this error. When i checked, the path was already between double quotes.

To solve this, what I did was simple: Reinstalled pyinstaller. Yep, that worked with no side-effects whatsoever.

If you want to try this, here’s the commands:



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