PowerBuilder 10 IDE Bug

Maybe it’s a little late to report this problem, but just the other day I came across a bug in the PowerBuilder IDE (10.2.1). First of all: Don’t worry, your application is not affected by this bug… it makes PB crash before you have a chance to save your work.

How to recreate this bug:

The problem lays in trying to get the length of Name property for a dwobject variable. This affects some DataWindow events, such as itemchanged.

After writing the code mentioned above, just save and you will be awarded with the following messages:


Regardless of the options you choose (Abort, retry, or ignore), PB will not save your code anymore and will close after a short time (or immediately).

I couldn’t test with PowerBuilder 11, but I tested it with PB12.5 and this error is fixed.

How to avoid this bug?

Simple: Keep things separate, like the code bellow:


That’s it! This is a low impact bug, but it can be a real nuisance, if you’re caught by surprise.
I hope it helps. 🙂

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Breno RdV
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