Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Here’s a list of questions and answers about the site and its content that I receive all the time.

Why did you move away from WordPress?

For a few reasons:

  1. Speed: WordPress is a tag slow. I know, I know, there are ways to make it faster, but I wanted something that was fast out of the box;
  2. Security: WordPress is a popular target for hackers, and although my site is small, there’s always the change of being targeted, and I don’t want to have to deal with this type of thing;
  3. Too many features: WordPress is a feature-packed beast, and it’s great if you have multiple authors, a big site, etc. But for me, overkill is an understatement;
  4. Plugins: The blessing and curse of Wordpress. You use then to add functionality, then the author abandons the plugin or there’s an important PHP update, and now you’re on hot water because you need to update thousands of posts to fix the issue;
  5. PHP: Not that PHP by itself is a problem, but most places that host a WordPress site use a shared server, and you don’t have any control over the PHP version, it’s configurations, etc. That really bothers me;

So, TL;DR: All the advantages that WordPress brings more of a problem than a solution for me, and I want less problems in my life, not more.

Why did you choose Hugo?

In short: Simplicity, speed, security, flexibility, and enough features to make my life a bit easier;

Was it easy to migrate an existing site from WordPress to Hugo?

I had to go through a few hoops, but it was worth it. I had to:

  1. Export all posts from WordPress; To do this, I initially tried to export the XML file, and write a script to convert everything to markdown. The problem was that this XML don’t come with the images, and the plugins that I used were not processed, so I would need to also convert that manually.

I tried to find a plugin that would export everything to a Hugo format, and I found two: One didn’t work, and the other one I couldn’t install because I didn’t have the necessary permissions on the server.

However, I found a plugin that exports everything (with all plugins parsed to Jekyll format), so I did that to get my data.

  1. Convert all posts to markdown; To do this, I created a Python script that converts all posts to the format I wanted, normalizing the images, tags, categories, and series. I also adjusted the front matter to match the Hugo format, and keep all the previous links (so Google won’t freak out with the changes).

Since I was writing a script, I used it to fix a bunch of posts. A lot of them were missing the introduction text. Now they have it, and I swear I didn’t use AI for that. (wink wink)

  1. Adjust the theme; One of the reasons I decided to use Hugo was because of how friendly it is to find and use a theme.

Why is the sky blue?

The sky is blue because of the way the Earth’s atmosphere scatters sunlight. The short explanation is that when sunlight reaches the Earth’s atmosphere, it is made up of different colors, each with a different wavelength. The shorter wavelengths, such as blue and violet, are scattered more easily than the longer wavelengths, such as red and orange. This scattering causes the blue light to be more visible in the sky, giving it its blue color.

Why do we have blood moons?

A blood moon is a total lunar eclipse that gives the moon a reddish hue. This happens when the Earth passes between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow on the moon. The red color is caused by the Earth’s atmosphere scattering sunlight, similar to why the sky is blue. The shorter wavelengths of light are scattered, leaving the longer wavelengths, such as red and orange, to reach the moon, giving it a reddish color.

How many grains of sand can we fit inside a milkshake straw?

Considering that the average milkshake straw has a diameter of 0.8cm and a length of 20cm, and that the average grain of sand has a diameter of 0.5mm, we can estimate that it would fit around 153.600 grains of sand.

Do you really frequently receive questions?

Nope. Not at all. Not one. One time a reader basically asked me to do his work for him, but that’s it. However, I feel like every site can benefit from a FAQ section, so here we are.