Disable Adobe Application Manager for good

All Adobe programs comes with a very annoying interesting piece of software, the Adobe Application Manager. Just like Java or Windows, every 5 minutes, it notifies you about an update you can’t miss.

Since not everybody is a really fan of these kind of programs, i’ll show here two ways of disabling Adobe Application Manager (AAM).

Depending on the version of your Adobe Software, one of those ways might not be available… don’t worry. It will be alright. You don’t have to do both, just one will do.

Method 01: Disabling AAM service.

  1. Open Windows Services
    a) Use the shortcut windows + r
    b) Type services.msc and click OK
  2. Look for a service called “Adobe Application Manager Updater” (the word Updater might not be present)
    a) Right click the service
    b) Select Properties option
    c) In Startup type, select the option Disable
    d) Click on Stop button. (If it’s disabled, dont worry)
    e) Click on Apply and then on OK

  3. Enjoy the absence of AAM.


Method 02: Disable AAM scheduled task

  1. Open Windows Task Scheduler
    a) Use the shortcut windows + r
    b) Type services.msc and click ok
  2. Look for a service called “Adobe Application Manager Updater” (the word Updater might not be present)
    a) Right click the task
    b) Select Disable option
  3. Enjoy the absence of AAM.


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