PowerBuilder Crashes on Debug

You insert a new breakpoint, starts the application in debug mode and… surprise! PowerBuilder crashes! Well, the solution to this is simple.

When this behavior seems to happen out of the blue, the most common causes are invalid expressions in breakpoints and/or Watches.

Mr. Chris Pollach suggests the following steps to solve the problem:

1. Delete all breakpoints;

2. Delete all the items in the Watch tab;

3. make a reset in PowerBuilder Layouts (View-> Layouts-> (Default));

4. Restart the PowerBuilder.

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Breno RdV
Please allow me to introduce myself...I'm a former psychologist, with almost a decade worth of experience in Human Resources and People Management. Now a developer/software analyst working with PowerBuilder, C#, PowerShell and currently expanding to the world of Python, Xamarin, PHP Angular and (why not?) Unity.



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