There’s a new feature on Whatsapp…and you should turn it off asap!

Whatsapp Beta always makes new features available that may or may not be present on the final release.

Starting from version (beta) 2.17.38 (available on Google Play Store or via APK), in addition to your status, your location will be shared with your friends in all your groups.

Yes, this functionality is weird and looks like it was suggested by a very, very jealous person. In all your groups, your friends will be able to see (at all times) where you are and what your current status.
This way, they will always have some kind of geographical context of your conversation. I don’t really get what’s the background story on that feature, but like all bad news, this functionality is coming fast and comes turned on by default.
Calm down! You can turn off this feature at any time. Just enter the screen where all the members of a group are listed and turn off Show my friends” option.
This feature can be disabled for 1, 2, 5 minutes… or indefinitely.
We will update the post as soon as they arise novelties in the subject …

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Breno RdV
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