SketchUp: Error CFileException 2 while saving a file

SketchUp: Error CFileException 2 while saving a file


Encountering errors in software can often leave us scratching our heads, but when it comes to SketchUp, the notorious CFileException 2 error takes the cake for being one of the most annoying hurdles. If you’ve ever found yourself helplessly trying to save your file only to be greeted by this error, this guide is your beacon of hope. With a dash of humor and a spoonful of practical advice, we’ll navigate through the murky waters of file saving issues together. Let’s dive into identifying the culprits and troubleshooting our way to a solution, ensuring that your 3D modeling journey remains smooth and uninterrupted.

Sometimes, when you try to save changes in a Sketchup file, the following error can happen:

Image without description

Image without description

The CFileException 2 error can happen for various reasons, including:

  1. none,
  2. generic,
  3. fileNotFound,
  4. badPath,
  5. tooManyOpenFiles,
  6. accessDenied,
  7. invalidFile,
  8. removeCurrentDir,
  9. directoryFull,
  10. badSeek,
  11. hardIO,
  12. sharingViolation,
  13. lockViolation,
  14. diskFull,
  15. endOfFile

You may be feeling kind of lost now… but don"t worry. To try and solve this problem, see if your situation fits into any of the causes below:

  1. The file that you saved is in a Dropbox/OneDrive/Amazon Cloud folder and it"s being synchronized as you edit it?
  2. You have write permission (can you save files) in the folder you want?
  3. The disk you are using has enough free space for this file?
  4. Your hard drive is showing “health problems” or any other signs of imminent death?

Answered Yes to any of these questions? Then try to save the file into another disk or folder. Sketchup doesn"t like working with files that are on a network/shared folder or are being using by other programs.

If you use a cloud storage service (Dropbox, OneDrive, etc), it"s better to use it as a backup location. In my experience, SketchUp + files on the network (or cloud storage) = problem.

I hope it helped.