Unknown error when invoking pbwsemit.exe. (PowerBuilder)

Unknown error when invoking pbwsemit.exe. (PowerBuilder)


Ever found yourself in a development pickle, especially when deploying a webservice built with PowerBuilder, only to be greeted by a perplexing ‘Unknown error when invoking pbwsemit.exe’? Fear not! In this insightful post, we dive into solving this baffling issue, ensuring your deployment sails smoothly hereafter. Join us as we unravel this mystery with a sprinkle of humor and loads of practical advice, making your coding journey a tad bit easier and way more enjoyable.

Whenever you try to deploy a webservice created using PowerBuilder, you get the following error message on your output painter: “Unknown error when invoking pbwsemit.exe”. In this post i show how to solve it.

Here"s a sample of the output with this error:

When I deploy the project, The PowerBuilder report the 
---------- Deploy: Deploy of p_webservice (14:23:30) 
Checking IIS server... 
Generating .NET assembly file... 
Generating PBD files... 
Generating Web service .asmx and .disco files... 
Deploy failed. 
---------- Finished Deploy of p_webservice (14:23:47) 
---------- Error messages: (14:23:47) 
Unknown error when invoking pbwsemit.exe. 
---------- Finished (14:23:47)

No matter how you play around with the webservice project, no matter what features you use, your deploy always finishes with this error.

As far as I know, this problem happens because your source code is in a network drive. Even if the network drive is mapped locally, this error will occur. That being the case, to deploy your project you must make a copy of it to a local drive and then deploy your project.

I hope that helps.